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Sidmouth Arboretum’s Celebration of Trees – Japanese gardens and trees

  • by JW

A highlight of the tree year in Sidmouth is its annual celebration of trees – and this year’s was a mix of interesting talks and stalls:



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Sidmouth Arboretum’s annual celebration of trees was a great success.  The Cellar Bar at Kennaway House was packed with people interested in trees.

We had illuminating talks: Kate Tobin from Forest England talked about the likely impact of climate change on the treescape of Sidmouth, Toby Taylor from the RSPB gave insights into what is happening on the Beacon Hill nature reserves, and local arboriculturalist and tree surgeon Andy Rowse had some fascinating slides on the unusual forms of clipped trees that adorn Japanese gardens.
We had Tess Bisson and the Sid Vale Folk Choir singing songs about trees.
There were stalls representing local environmental organisations, including the Woodland Trust, SVA, Friends of the Byes and the National Trust.
We also had craft stalls with Fairiewood Pyrography, woodturners Diana and Martin Russell and Keith Hudson, and woodcarver Sarah Protherough.
The quiz was won by members of the Exmouth Tree Project.


Sid Valley arboriculturalist and tree surgeon Andy Rowse was in Chino in Japan earlier this year:

Chino, Nagano | Wikipedia

The official tourist guide takes us through the wonderful natural wonders of this area of central Japan, right amongst the mountains and forests:

en Chino City Tourist Information – Nagano Japan | YouTube


Andy’s talk showed us how this rugged nature has influenced both temple and domestic gardens across Japan.

Here’s a selection he has kindly forwarded:

Veteran cherry near Matsumoto

red pine in Tenryu-ji

Japanese garden 1: The Japanese garden photos are of  gardens around Chino.

Japanese garden 2

The pine before…

… and after is to illustrate pine pruning technique on a Scots pine.

Niwaki cypress

Welcome branch


Mountain walk 1

Mountain walk 2

Mountain walk 3

Shinto shrine with zelkova

Shinto tori

Working in Japan