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Knowle relocation project: flooding attenuation

  • by JW

The Knowle site is still under dispute:

Knowle relocation project: more uncertainty and more questions

And so we are not much further forward with the parkland:

Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: parkland transfer to Town Council > latest

Meanwhile, a third council – the Devon County Council – wants to deal with flooding issues on the site – for which the developer won’t be paying very much, if any:

Sidmouth homes to be protected from flooding

DCC has now submitted the formal planning application:

The Knowle, Station Road, Sidmouth, EX10 8HH
Flood alleviation scheme comprising a drainage swale and grassed amphitheatre designed to attenuate surface water runoff and provide a venue for public events

Devon Live reports:

New ‘public events amphitheatre’ for Sidmouth doubles up as flood prevention scheme

Artists impression of the proposed Phase 2 works at the Knowle

“The works involve the creation of a surface water storage area at the Knowle which retains the site’s use as public open space while also providing a venue for public events in the form of an amphitheatre.”

“The proposed scheme seeks to mitigate flood risk, while also creating a dual use public open space that can be used as a venue for public events such as the annual Folk Festival. It provides an important opportunity to not only provide flood risk and water quality benefits, but also to contribute to green infrastructure networks whilst contributing to safeguarding the local landscape character and distinctiveness.”

New ‘public events amphitheatre’ for Sidmouth doubles up as flood prevention scheme