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Sidmouth Unwrapped shop closes

  • by JW

“People are not able to go to Sidmouth high street and buy their full weekly shop.” [owner Iain Armstrong]


There’s a very inspiring and very interesting business in Sidmouth – and it’s Sidmouth Unwrapped – with an active social media page full of great offers:

An Independent Store & Off License. Where possible we source and stock local produce.

And not only is it about ‘local’, it’s about zero waste:

With a lot of positive reviews:

Great for locals and tourists wanting a taste of Devon! Small shop, but full of quality foodie treats, pantry staples and meat/poultry from Devon butchers. Good variety of refillables (food, household & personal care). Excellent local product selection included Sidmouth roasted Buzz coffee, locally produced beers, wines and spirits. Business owner was in store, friendly and very helpful. Many thanks!

And it’s been showcased on the Champions Awards website as a sustainable business – and as a great example of ‘independent Sidmouth’:

We are big fans of reducing plastic waste, and this beautiful sustainable local produce shop is a fantastic addition the high street. With a range of household refills, sweets, alcohol and more this is a great visit for stocking up the pantry.

It is very sad, then, to hear today about its demise on Devon Live, with the business declaring that it will have to close as it’s been a “struggle from the start”. Says owner Iain Armstrong:

“Around the time the shop opened, Sidmouth lost its butchers. Straight away people were not able to go to Sidmouth high street and buy their full weekly shop. Instead, you have to go to a supermarket and people end up going where there is free parking and where you can get everything under one roof. People aren’t wanting to bring their bottles and containers into town to a refill store such as ours so everything was against us. Sidmouth is just turning into cafes and charity shops.”

Meanwhile, though the Budleigh Unwrapped shop continues to do well.