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Strengthening local economies with community enterprises

  • by JW

“The amazing impact local people can have.”


‘Community enterprises’ might be a way forward to regenerate local areas and local economies – in very different sectors:

Community energy: planning now for the future – Vision Group for Sidmouth

South West Mutual bank comes to Sidmouth > ‘get involved’ and sign up for the bank’s newsletter – Vision Group for Sidmouth


The Rural Services Network profiles the work of Community Catalysists, a social enterprise, in supporting and nurturing other such initiatives:



In recent months, we’ve all seen local people in communities up and down the country thrown into the spotlight as they’ve stepped in to help other local people through the pandemic.

For us at Community Catalysts, it’s been a delight to see this general recognition of the amazing impact local people can have…

As a recent report from the New Economic Foundation showed, community enterprise is a channel through which people in rural areas can gain good local jobs, which are properly paid and have the flexibility people need to fit work in with other responsibilities and interests…

But as a recent report from Birmingham University showed this doesn’t just happen by chance. Local people with talent and a desire to give back often need tailored help to create their own sustainable, legal and high-quality enterprise. And as pockets of community enterprises develop, they need support to collaborate and network with each other, not only creating a community within a community but developing a sustainable and robust self-employed workforce of people helping people, driving rural economies forward…

Strengthening local economies and creating choice with community enterprises – Rural Services Network


With more here:

Social Enterprise and Community Interest | Community Catalysts


Certainly, the government is keen on job-creation projects, with its own latest venture:

A green industrial revolution? – Vision Group for Sidmouth

A green industrial revolution? The impact on rural life. – Vision Group for Sidmouth