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Community energy: planning now for the future

  • by JW

In the most recent edition of Radio 4’s In Business,

” David Baker speaks to the National Grid, to major electricity suppliers, and to smaller, community-based generators, asking how the system is changing and what needs to be done to make sure it remains reliable, affordable and sustainable, so that the future is not one of widespread blackouts:”

Keeping the Lights On | In Business: BBC 


We need to be saving energy:

The energy-saving, social housing revolution > Passivhaus wins architecture prize

Now is the time to think about Energy saving


But we also need to be thinking about how we are going to produce energy…

We can turn our rubbish into power:

SidEnergy visit to Exeter waste-to-energy plant

And we can localise our energy production:

Orkney: a model for renewable energy


The UK government and the Devon county council want us to be ‘energy neutral’ by 2050

UK becomes first major economy to pass net zero … –

Energy and Climate Change |


But how exactly are they going to do it?

Climate change > councils ‘lack the power and funds to take effective action’

A councillor’s workbook on acting on climate change


One way might be to engage with ‘community energy generation’:

Community Energy – GOV.UK


But we need a plan – and back in 2005, the nascent Transition Town movement was looking at Energy Descent Plans:

Kinsale 2021 An Energy Descent Action Plan – Version.1. 2005


And in 2010, Transition Town Totnes did the same:


‘Transition in Action’ is the UK’s first comprehensive Energy Descent Action Plan designed for and by a local community.

It sees the changes necessitated by climate change, peak oil and the UK’s debt problem not as a crisis, but as a huge opportunity for enterprise, creativity, community, enhanced resilience and a greater quality of life.

In these pages you will find not just a vision of a more resilient world, but practical steps to reach it, key research, inspired ideas and a glimpse into the town’s recent past and what we can learn from it.

The pdf can be downloaded for free. Please credit TTT if you use this material.


Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) | Transition Town Totnes


And it’s becoming much more doable:


Story image for Community energy from Environment Journal

Community energy ‘matchmaking’ service launches

Environment Journal9 hours ago

A new ‘matchmaking’ website to help community energy projects find available buildings and land has been launched. The PowerPaired …

Story image for Community energy from Network (blog)

National Grid backs PowerPaired community energy platform

Network (blog)5 hours ago
Sustainability charity Forum for the Future has launched a new online “matchmaking” platform to pair up community energy groups and the …

New platform launches to boost community energy across UK

Energy Live News – Energy Made Easy20 hours ago

A new platform has launched to boost community energy’s role in achieving the UK’s net zero emissions targets. Called PowerPaired, it aims to …

Story image for Community energy from Smart Energy (press release)

New platform launched to boost community energy sharing in …

Smart Energy (press release)14 hours ago
UK-based community energy organisation Forum for the Future has launched PowerPaired, a new online matchmaking platform for community …

Story image for Community energy from Bath Echo

Free solar panel installation offered for commercial and …

Bath Echo13 hours ago

Bath & West Community Energy have announced the launch of Community Solar 2020, a new programme to install community-owned solar …

Story image for Community energy from Solar Power Portal

Octopus Energy and Co-op Energy launch community energy …

Solar Power Portal14 Nov 2019
Energy suppliers Octopus Energy and Midcounties Co-operative have launched Co-op Community Energy, a joint venture that will support …

Story image for Community energy from

‘Subsidy free’: Joint venture aims to help community energy …

www.businessgreen.com14 Nov 2019
A new joint venture was officially launched yesterday by Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy with a view to driving growth across the …