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General Election Hustings in Sidmouth: Friday 6th December – – the candidates –

  • by J.W.

The candidates are coming to town tomorrow evening:

General Election Hustings in Sidmouth: Friday 6th December: five out of six candidates to attend


Here’s the latest press release on the Sidmouth Community Facebook pages – together with some comment:

Sidmouth General Election Hustings Update: | Sidmouth Community


With more comment here:

Vision Group for Sidmouth It is a real shame that the clash occurred but due to the circumstances we had little choice of hall and time. It was a judgement call as to whether to clash, or on the other hand not run a hustings at all.
We hope that the hustings is not boycotted, it doesn’t start until 7.30 pm and the late night shopping finishes at 8.00pm so we are hoping that the people coming to the hustings will come early and take advantage of the shopping.
We must agree that it is unfortunate that Simon Jupp is being slated for not being able to make it, that is not how we see the situation at all.


And here:

Jupp accepted Sidmouth hustings invitation on 15 November – pulled out after deciding to shop in Exmouth instead


Meanwhile, here is some web presence of the candidates, in no particular order:

Simon Jupp for East Devon | twitter

Simon Jupp for East Devon | conservatives

Peter Faithfull for East Devon in the UK Parliament elections

East Devon candidate wants to solve Genette Tate mystery | Radio Exe

Henry Gent    Twitter      Henry Gent Facebook