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Taskforce appointed to deliver Devon Carbon Plan

  • by JW

The County Council has been putting together its plans to tackle climate change:

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It made further strides over the summer:

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The next steps are being taken:

Top team of experts assembled to help Devon tackle climate emergency

Climate task force to deliver Devon’s carbon plan assembled


Sustainable Crediton reports:


Climate taskforce to deliver Devon’s carbon plan now appointed

4 September 2019

A top team of environmental experts, community representatives and business leaders has been assembled to deliver Devon’s Carbon Plan, the county’s roadmap to carbon neutrality.

The Net-Zero Task Force will be chaired by  Professor Patrick Devine-Wright of the University of Exeter, an environmental social scientist. Professor Devine-Wright is a Lead Author for the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, currently contributing to the 6th Assessment Report due for publication in 2021.

The Task Force is comprised of 12 core members with interests in environment, business, academia and health. They will use their knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure the resources available are focussed on the most appropriate decarbonisation issues and can identify the best opportunities to engage with communities effectively.

Professor Devine-Wright is calling on everyone to get involved in producing this plan, whatever your age or background, and wherever you live in the county.

Climate taskforce to deliver Devon’s carbon plan now appointed