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The cost of fish farming

  • by JW

“Challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction.” [Seaspiracy]


From a recent posting, here’s a fabulous photo of what wild Sea Trout could be doing on the River Sid: The past, present and future of trout on the Sid – The Sid

It closely resembles the Atlantic salmon in its form and lifestyle: Sea trout – Wikipedia

Contrast the picture of wild salmonids jumping weirs with fish farming – and there are indeed increasing moves against the factory farming of salmon, for example: Why Washington State Is Phasing Out Atlantic Salmon Farming | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Meanwhile, ‘Seaspiracy’ examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction: Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

And closer to home: Mowi court battle with notorious salmon farming opponent gets underway in Scotland |

Don Staniford is an English environmental activist and blogger who runs an organisation dedicated to the exposure of Scottish salmon farming misdeeds called $camon $cotland, previously called Scottish Salmon Watch. He is being sued by a company called MOWI (previously called Marine Harvest), one of the largest seafood companies in the world. Don regularly uploads videos and blogs onto his website and some have even been used in newspaper articles and a popular Netflix documentary film, Seaspiracy. Don Staniford – Price for exposing the dark side of salmon farms – CASE

His case appears in the latest edition of Private Eye – with more on his social media: (20+) Facebook

Generally speaking, it does seem to be a very brutal business, though: Salmon fatalities at fish farms ‘double’ in past year, figures suggest | The Scotsman

So, when we think of salmon and trout, do we think of them as caged creatures or as free creatures jumping the rapids? Aquaculture of salmonids – Wikipedia

Finally, a reminder of a piece from two years ago: Banning intensive salmon farming – Vision Group for Sidmouth