The Devon Whitebeam and the Sid Valley

“Two rare Devon trees have been found growing in Sidmouth, and they are going to be joined by more of their kind.”


The new biodiversity group is keeping busy:


Sid Valley Biodiversity


Next week, it will be looking at how it has been surveying the Sid Valley these last months – and how it will do so over the coming months – with input and help from the wider public:

Online: Surveying the Sid Valley – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Recent surveys from the Sidmouth Arboretum have looked at trees and hedgerows:

The Sid Valley Hedgescape: full report – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Sid Valley Hedgerows: plans to halt their decline – Vision Group for Sidmouth


And a key hedgerow tree in these parts is the Devon Whitebeam:

Karpatiosorbus devoniensis – Wikipedia


This week’s biodiversity piece in the Herald looks at this special tree – which follows on from a bit of surveying and  promises a little more planting:

Sidmouth and Ottery breaking news and sport – Sidmouth Herald


With the digital format here:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group report: Devon Whitebeam | Sidmouth Herald

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