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Build back better: a green recovery

  • by JW

“We now have a once in a generation opportunity to re-think how we put the economy back together again.”


If we are going to ‘build back better’, we need to be building back ‘greener’:

Build back better: build back greener – Vision Group for Sidmouth


We have a ‘once in a generation opportunity to put the economy back together but in a more environmentally friendly way’ – as considered in this evening’s ‘In Business’ on Radio 4:

BBC Radio 4 – In Business, Building Back Better


Some say that we need considerable government investment to ‘build back better’. Brian O’Callaghan from Oxford University says it can’t be ‘business as usual’:

Brian O’Callaghan | Green Growth Knowledge Platform

BBC World News: Green recovery – YouTube

The five key policies where economics and environment meet – Euradio

green stimulus | Work and Climate Change Report


And there are specific areas we can focus on


Cycling and cycle lanes:

£1 of money spent on cycle lanes gets £13 spent on high street shops:

Getting more people walking and cycling could help save our high streets – Transport for London

Common myths about investment in walking and cycling busted by research report –

Cargo bikes can carry a lot of stuff with less pedal power:

Should Sidmouth have its own e-trike service? Press reports – Vision Group for Sidmouth

How e-cargo bikes can deliver change | Features | BikeBiz

Local Government Association report urges business “trade vans for cargo bikes”

To achieve reduced carbon emissions – and to stimulated retail and construction activity – investment in such infrastructure and technologies could really help. And using e-bikes would help us keep fit:

E-bikes and cardio: everything you need to know about staying fit on an e-bike | TechRadar

Especially in those times:

The Increase In Ebike Adoption May Be The Silver Lining Of The Pandemic

And that includes in the Sid Valley:

Investing in better cycling routes – Vision Group for Sidmouth



But it doesn’t have to be about pouring concrete everywhere – which is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions:

Futures Forum: Climate change: and concrete: “the massive CO2 emitter”

And there are alternatives:

New Developments: Environmentally Friendly Concrete

Greening the concrete jungle: how to make environmentally friendly cement

Rather than building something new – we can retrofit:

The chancellor promised £2bn to home improvements when it comes to energy:

Green for go! Rishi Sunak’s £3billion eco jobs boost with workers paid to plant trees | Daily Mail Online

We need some new technologies – for example:

We create new value from waste CO2 for the plastics industry. We provide new ways to help polyol manufacturers make products using our novel catalyst technologies. Ways that cost less – financially and environmentally. Ways that deliver more. Better products with endless potential.

Home – Econic



Climate risk is a business risk: climate change puts the economy into peril – as the world’s largest private investor is saying:

‘Climate risk is investment risk’: BlackRock exiting thermal coal investments | S&P Global Market Intelligence


BlackRock Is Getting Serious About Climate Change. Is This a Turning Point for Investors? | World Resources Institute

But can we really square the circle?

“There is no such thing as green growth” – Vision Group for Sidmouth