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The farming crisis and producing less food

  • by JW

“What we have to lose if nothing is done.”


Today’s WMN leads with the worsening crisis in the farming industry – which is “putting the nation’s food production at risk”:

FARMERS are giving up producing food as costs of fuel and fertiliser soar, an alarming survey reveals. Now leaders in the agriculture industry want the Government to make it legally binding to consider the impact of any policies on domestic food production, as the farming crisis worsens. The survey by the National Farmers’ Union shows the beginnings of a switch by some hard-pressed farmers away from producing food, as input costs dramatically increase...

Western Morning News –

“Costs are rising rapidly on farms across the country and across all sectors. It’s already having an impact on the food we’re producing as a nation as well as leading to a crisis of confidence among farmers. These results clearly set out what we have to lose if nothing is done.”
NFU President Minette Batters

Here’s the report from the NFU:

The results of our intention surveys of dairy and arable members are in. We’re urging the government to act now to prevent the spiralling costs facing farmers impacting further on domestic food production. Our recent surveys of arable and dairy members have shown that many have been forced to make significant changes to their food production plans, with some facing the prospect of going out of business. We spoke to 610 dairy farmers and 525 arable farmers about their intentions for the near and mid-term…

Rising costs – NFU calls on government to assess impacts – NFUonline

And it’s a story being widely reported:

What action is the NFU calling for over food production?

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The government says it intends to act:

Tech and innovation drive to boost food production and back British farmers – GOV.UK

Sustainable Farming Incentive opens for applications – GOV.UK

But its recent Food Strategy was not exactly welcomed:

Government food strategy – GOV.UK

A new food strategy for Britain? – Vision Group for Sidmouth