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The ‘great resignation’ still at work in Sidmouth

  • by JW

Scores of job vacancies in the Sid Valley.


The BBC’s series on the world of work has regular pieces looking at the state of the employment market and how we perceive what we do with our working lives:
How we work – BBC Worklife

During the last week it’s covered several aspects of ‘the great resignation’:

The jobs employers just can’t fill – BBC Worklife

Why workers just won’t stop quitting – BBC Worklife

Staff are very much wanted in the Sid Valley:

jobs sidmouth – Google Search

These are in particular sectors:

“The care sector is desperately short of workers” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Recruitment crisis in the hospitality industry – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Here are some possible reasons why it’s so difficult to attract staff:

Labour shortages: of declining wages and working conditions – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Key workers unable to find rental homes in Devon – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Finally, here’s more on the current phenomenon around work:

The ‘great resignation’ and the future of work – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The ‘great resignation’ may be here to stay – Vision Group for Sidmouth