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The longer-term impacts on rural life

  • by JW

… working remotely … greater appreciation for British food … shorter supply chains … more home-grown food … revitalisation of rural holiday destinations … innovations in service provision and digital technology …


Farming is clearly a central part of life in the country:

The longer-term impacts on farming


But there are other aspects to rural life which we need to be thinking about in these difficult times – both the immediate impact and the longer-term effects of the lock-down.


The  Centre for Rural Economy and Rural Enterprise, Newcastle University has put together a briefing note – and here are the conclusions, looking at key questions::


Covid-19 and rural economies

Big questions may be raised.

For example, will preferences for and the pace of rural remote working and living accelerate as businesses and employees realise that in many instances they can work remotely away from the crowds?

Will the pandemic lead to greater appreciation for British food and shorter supply chains?

What are the implications of the pandemic for how in future we support the rural VCSE sector and what scope is there to explore alternative organisational structures and enterprises that align with social objectives?

What future demographics and population movements may unfold?

Will there be an increase in households producing their own home-grown food?

Will fewer people choose to holiday abroad and could this mean a revitalisation of rural destinations that will last beyond the short term?

How will rural-urban dynamics evolve as part of complex system of provisioning of ecosystem services across multiple areas from food production to tourism and leisure?

How might the pandemic lead to innovation in service provision, digital technology, energy use and production?

What might be the environmental impacts and opportunities for rural areas of these potential longer term effects?

How will the shock of Covid-19 impact on these dynamics and prospects long term?

Covid-19 and rural economies |


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