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Travel restrictions, the hospitality industry and insurance payments

  • by JW

Businesses and holidaymakers will not be able to claim.


As the hospitality industry comes to terms with further restrictions, there have been further grants offered today – although the head of the Hospitality Union described the new measures as a “flop” and said the support was “far too little too late”:

U.K. Agrees Further Cash Support For Workers Hit by Second COVID Lockdown

A lot of businesses are in a particularly difficult situation, as “insurance isn’t triggered because businesses are not being told by the Government to close”:

London’s West End restaurants and bars issue dire warning after ‘horrendous’ first weekend of Tier 2 restrictions | London Evening Standard

For the moment, the West Country is not in any of the tiers, so no restrictions as such are in place.

Nevertheless, there is still the question of insurance.

As a letter from Devon to the Telegraph points out (paywall):

SIR – The placing of Greater Manchester in Tier 3 is sad news for hoteliers and the hospitality industry. Because “travel into and out of the area is strongly advised against”, rather than banned, hotels, guesthouses, B&B and self-catering accommodation will not be able to claim on their insurance under the Denial of Access clause common in the trade. Kate Graeme-Cook, Brixham, Devon

Letters: The arbitrary effect of Covid regulations on running a small business

And those wanting to go on holiday from severely restricted areas will also have to consider the insurance implications:

Britons living under Tier-3 lockdown rules will NOT get refunds for holiday and flights | Daily Mail Online