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UK agricultural methane is not contributing to global warming

  • by JW

Is eating meat bad for the environment?



Cow Grazing | The environmental contribution of cows to climate change… | Flickr


It’s certainly bad for some parts of the world

Climate change and the Amazon: trade, meat and tourism

Our appetite for cheap beef is destroying the Amazon rainforest


But not for other parts:

Hurray for cows


Here’s an interesting piece from the British Veterinary Association:


Ruminant agriculture can help us deliver net zero emissions

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Ffinlo Costain

New science, by a global team of IPCC researchers based at Oxford University, shows categorically that methane from Britain’s ruminants is not causing global warming – instead, ruminants provide a viable pathway to net-zero emissions from UK agriculture by 2030.

What? But cattle and sheep produce methane almost constantly…  Yes, but a focus on the emissions themselves is misleading – instead it’s the warming impact of those emissions that actually matters. Currently, global warming from UK agricultural methane is less than zero.