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Which mammal species are under threat in the Sid Valley?

  • by JW

And what work is being done to protect them?


It is quite serious news:

Extinction: Quarter of UK mammals ‘under threat’ – BBC News

With specific species mentioned:

British Hedgehogs Now Officially Vulnerable to Extinction

From red squirrels to wildcats – UK species join the roll call of animals facing extinction | The Scotsman

But what are the mammal species under threat in the Sid Valley?

According to the county council’s own biodiversity list, they are:

The Devon Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) – Environment

Dormouse – Muscardinus avellanarius

There are groups and individuals doing work on these species, for example:

Hazel Dormouse – Devon Mammal Group

Hazel dormouse | Devon Wildlife Trust

Exeter & District Local Group – The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group is currently working on a butterfly survey:

Big Butterfly Count: Friday 17 July to Sunday 9 August – Vision Group for Sidmouth

But there are plans for further surveys – and this could well include our endangered mammals

Biodiversity Special | Sidmouth Science Festival

picture: Hazel dormouse – Wikipedia