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“Who are the VGS?” – in the media

  • by J.W.

Read about the Vision Group for Sidmouth

– in the Herald, in its newsletters and online!


There has been growing interest on social media as to what the VGS is all about: “Who are the VGS?” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Here’s a little more since that was posted…


Here’s last month’s piece from the VGS chair where he gives a little intro and more:

The Vision Group for Sidmouth was established by the Sidmouth Town Council in 2005 and is now a separate independent body with a focus on the sustainable development of the town and valley. As part of this endeavour the Vision Group have established the Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards for the second time… Why not look at the award categories as part of your new year resolution to improve the sustainability of our world? January-Herald-Article-New-Year-–-New-Vision-Group-Resolution.pdf

Here’s the photo which accompanied the article when it appeared in the Herald – of one of the winners of the 2021 Champions Awards:


“Kyle Baker, winner of the Resilience award, receives his certificate from Cllr Chris Lockyear, one of the judging panel. – Credit: Tony Spooner ARPS” [And seated: Chris Woodruff of the East Devon AONB and East Devon MP Simon Jupp] The Champions Awards 2021: ceremony photographs – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

And here’s a link to this year’s Awards if you’d like to nominate someone! Enter the Champions Awards 2023 – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards


The VGS also sends out (fairly) regular newsletters to those on its mailing list – giving the latest, with this month’s covering VGS projects – the Friends of Glen Goyle, the Sidmouth Cycling Campaign and the Sustainable Sidmouth Champions Awards – but also the newly-launched project headed by the town council, known as the Climate Awareness Partnership Sidmouth, of which the VGS is a keen partner.

As the newsletter says: “It all seems to be about getting you to fill in forms. But don’t let your interest fade and falter – as these surveys and questionnaires might well help us get somewhere! They might also prove quite interesting…” Where will this year lead?

Do get in touch if you’d like to be added to the mailing list: Contact – Vision Group for Sidmouth


The VGS can be found at several places online:

With its recently revamped website: Working towards a Sustainable Sidmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Its social media: Vision Group for Sidmouth | Facebook and VGS (@visionsidmouth) / Twitter

Plus there are its project websites:

Champions Awards contents – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

Helping the Sid River – The Sid

Why Solarpunk? – Sidmouth Solarpunk

Friends of Glen Goyle – Friends of Glen Goyle

And their social media pages: 

Sidmouth Champions Awards | Sidmouth | Facebook

(6) Sidmouth Cycling Campaign | Facebook

And sharing regularly on other social media:

(20+) Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Facebook

Sidmouth Repair Cafe | Sidmouth

(6) Sidmouth Community | Facebook

(6) SIDMOUTH community for the people | Facebook