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Why should small businesses lower their carbon emissions?

  • by JW

Benefits of being net zero as an SME

Plus government business energy loans and schemes


What’s your carbon footprint?

What’s the carbon footprint of a gas field, an electric car, a football stadium? – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Perhaps it’s easier to work out the carbon footprint of a business – but why should businesses in these difficult times pay too much attention to this?

Well, there are clear benefits of being net zero as a Small/Medium-Sized Enterprise – as detailed by the Retail Merchant Services website:

An SME’s guide to reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact

Benefits of being net zero as an SME

There’s a good chance you want to take a step towards lower carbon emissions for purely ethical reasons. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t also a number of benefits to making the switch from a PR perspective. Here are some of the ways your SME might prosper:

Appeals to employees, customers and partners

Having the ability to shout about your net zero status will naturally make you more appealing to potential employees, customers and business partners. Modern consumers, workers and investors have become keener to buy from and deal with businesses that have made a commitment to becoming greener. This is something which could be a massive help when trying to attract the right kind of attention.

Save money

As well as this myriad of benefits, SMEs will also find that switching to a greener way of doing business can also have a positive impact on their bottom line. There are a number of ways reducing your carbon footprint will save you money. These include tax relief and exemptions on things like company cars, as well as saving on the rising Climate Change Levy rates.

Competitiveness vs larger businesses

In a market where you might be competing with companies bigger than yourself, it’s important to take every opportunity you can to get ahead. Positioning yourself as a sustainable or greener alternative to a business you might not be able to compete with financially could make a huge difference amongst consumers.

Enhances image and reputation

Similarly, your general image will be heightened in the eyes of the wider public. People tend to trust organisations that show they care for issues beyond their own personal interests. Becoming net zero is one of the best ways to demonstrate your wider ethics as an SME.

Preparedness for new government policies

With the growing importance of environmental issues at the top of governments priority list, having pre-existing policies in place could safeguard you against any sudden or unexpected regulation changes. This can be incredibly useful in saving you a headache or even substantial fees further down the line.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – The SME Guide | RMS

There’s a lot of information to follow in the piece, including what government and energy supplier grants there are out there.

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