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Young people at risk of homelessness in East Devon

  • by JW

Homelessness is an issue – even here in affluent East Devon:

Homelessness not getting any better in Devon

Can we be doing more to help the homeless in East Devon?


There are initiatives happening – both official and from the community:

Gateway Homelessness Action Group receives generous donations

Spike in homelessness in East Devon prompts District Council to take urgent action


Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark reports on how young people in particular are being affected:


‘Hundreds at risk’ as East Devon homeless strategy agreed

More than a third of 16-24-year-olds on the social housing list say they’re under threat of losing their home

More than a quarter of people of the nearly 4,000 people on the social housing list in East Devon have said that under threat of losing their home, and that number rises to more than a third of 16-24-year-olds.

Nearly half of people also said that their health and wellbeing is being made worse by their current home.

East Devon District Council are signed up to Devon Home Choice, alongside several other councils and Housing Associations, to manage the allocation of social housing for local residents, and a report to the council’s cabinet on Wednesday night said that nearly 4,000 people in the district, the highest in Devon, are registered with the service.

Hundreds at risk of being homeless when there is ‘no question homelessness should not be happening’

‘Hundreds at risk’ as East Devon homeless strategy agreed