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Beach Management Plan: no news

  • by J.W.

NOTE: The story from the Herald of 1st February has now been taken off its website – as it is understood that it should not have been put on-line in the first place:

The Herald is leading with a story on the ‘latest’ communication on the Beach Management Plan – but this does seem to be a rehash of an official press release from months ago:

Sidmouth sea defences could cost double the £9m expected


However, because the story basically is a repeat of the press piece from last October, the text of that story is still available here as a reminder of where we still are:

Beach Management Plan: still a funding gap of £3.3million


The District Council is still going on about a ‘preferred option’ which the likes of the Vision Group questioned three years ago. Here’s the very measured report from Jo Frith, the VGS rep, on the Steering Group from January 2016:

2016 Beach Management Plan, consultant’s proposals, full report


With a summary of the two options from Jo here:

2016 Sidmouth Beach Management Plan


And here’s the report from a meeting with stakeholders, chaired by the VGS back in August 2016, which again made the point that a massive groyne was not the answer:

2016 Beach Management Plan, minutes from VGS meeting 8th August


Finally, here’s the page on the BMP on the VGS site:

Beach Management Plan