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Beach Management Plan: trialing a glass splash barrier: reports

  • by JW

The District Council wanted to instal a test barrier along Sidmouth’s Esplanade:

Beach Management Plan: trialing a glass splash barrier


And in it goes – as reported by the Herald:

Glass splash defence panels installed


With more opinion and photos on the Sidmouth Community Facebook pages:

Yesterday at 05:45 What are your thoughts?
21 January at 06:52 Splash wall going in… it is self-cleaning glass.
21 January at 08:35 Sidders screen sunset… 😜
16 January at 08:11 A splash defence is required to protect Sidmouth from flooding as a result of stormy weather, which pushes large waves over the sea wall.


Ali McNally added a photo to the Sidmouth Community facebook pages: this is of the plaque next to the test site. She has some obvious questions about where exactly any final wall will end up:

“Sorry but I’m finding this confusing. The glass panel is being tested on the beach side of the railings but, according to signage, it will actually be positioned where the short wall is currently.”

Ali McNally 4 hrs

Sidmouth Community