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Beach Management Plan: trialing a glass splash barrier

  • by JW

The option preferred by the authorities for stopping further erosion of the beach at Sidmouth involves heightening the seawall – although another option might not need this drastic step:

Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: Offshore islands would reduce the need to raise the splash wall


And in fact, back in the autumn, there was real disquiet at plans to block out the sea:

Raising the splash wall on Sidmouth’s Esplanade ‘would be ghastly’


In response, the council has come up with a less obtrusive ‘barrier’:

Beach Management Plan: “a splash barrier could actually enhance the seafront”


And as reported widely in the press, a trial will happen as of Monday 20th January:

Glass sea defences to be tested as beach management plan work continues  | Sidmouth Herald

UK first as glass ‘sea wall’ to be trialled in Sidmouth – Devon Live

Sidmouth will be first place in the UK to trial glass flood shield near shingle beach | East Devon News


This is the council’s own press release:

Temporary glass flood defence panel to be tested on Sidmouth esplanade as part of Sidmouth and East Beach Management Plan |