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Social housing around the world

  • by JW

The District Council wants to push for more social housing:

“More social housing for the residents of the district to be provided.”

Affordable housing in East Devon: further public consultation


There are some great models out there:

The energy-saving, social housing revolution > Passivhaus for the mass market

A solution to our housing problems: co-living and co-existence


Including from around the world as looked at by the Arch Daily website:


Comparing Social Housing in Countries Around the World

The security and dignity of a good-quality home is one of the most important and liberating qualities in society. For people experiencing financial or social pressures, many countries offer some form of public or social housing system. While there is no fixed definition for social housing, it often involves the design, construction, and allocation of housing by government authorities, or non-profit organizations.

Just as social housing systems differ throughout the world, so too does the architecture of social housing. A government’s outlook or priorities for social housing provision, which can differ between capacity, cost, sustainability, or urban regeneration, all contribute to unique responses by architects and designers. Below, we identify six systems from countries around the world, complete with architectural examples…

Comparing Social Housing in Countries Around the World |


Social housing is now a century old in the UK:

100 years of social housing