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Raising the splash wall on Sidmouth’s Esplanade ‘would be ghastly’

  • by JW

Nobody seems to be very happy about the proposals for the sea/splash wall along Sidmouth’s Esplanade:


See more below or here.  We have not been told what the height above sea level will be just what an increase above the current wall would be, and the Esplanade and current wall are not level.


Raising the splash wall on Sidmouth’s Esplanade: petition


And there are some better ideas out there:

Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: Offshore islands would reduce the need to raise the splash wall


Hugo Swire has spoken to Sidmouth Nub News:


Outgoing MP ‘extremely nervous’ about plans to raise Sidmouth sea wall

East Devon MP Sir Hugo Swire has said plans to raise the sea wall in Sidmouth make him ‘extremely nervous’ and he does not want to see a repeat of Seaton’s ‘ghastly’ sea wall.

The MP, who was elected to parliament in 2001, spoke to Nub News this week about Sidmouth’s Beach Management Plan … Nub News editor Joe Bulmer sat down with Sir Hugo this week to get his final thoughts on his time as the area’s MP.

What do make of proposals to raise the sea wall in Sidmouth?

“Well I would be very nervous about that. The beach management plan has been going on and on and on for far too long in Sidmouth, the whole issue of the Alma Bridge and that part of the town which is vulnerable to flooding and also the issue of the revetment rocks to stop the erosion and all those people losing their gardens on Cliff Road is a continuing thing. They really do need to get on with that and do something, I think they can be ambitious. I’m also very worried about the development of Port Royal being piecemeal. I think that should be done as a whole.

“The issue of raising the wall is something I’m extremely nervous about if you look at what happened in Seaton. They raised the wall so high that when you are driving along the seafront in Seaton you can’t see the sea and that would be ghastly if that happened to Sidmouth. I would be extremely nervous and I would want to be more convinced than I am that that needs to be done and there are not other ways of stopping the waves crashing over the seafront.”

Outgoing MP ‘extremely nervous’ about plans to raise Sidmouth sea wall | Sidmouth Nub News