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Biodiversity Net Gain

  • by JW

All new developments will need to deliver a minimum of a 10% uplift in the value of biodiversity.


The government is keen to increase biodiversity:

Biodiversity net gain: updating planning requirements |


Here’s a definition:

“Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before.”

Biodiversity Net Gain |


A consultancy in the business of advising landowners puts its clients’ minds at ease:


Mandating a Biodiversity Net Gain in all development is not only a positive environmental initiative, it should mean that landowners are well placed to enjoy financial rewards as well.

The Environment Bill currently making its way through Parliament includes the requirement that Biodiversity Net Gain becomes a condition of planning permission in England. All developments requiring planning consent will need to deliver a minimum of a 10% uplift in the value of biodiversity present on the site prior to the proposal. In short, where previously a development simply had to mitigate any biodiversity impact it may have created, it will need to add to biodiversity. This is potentially a serious challenge particularly to some of the larger and more urban centric developers.


Image: Wild Flowers Cobalt Biodiversity Park,… © Geoff Holland …