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Carbon offsetting and carbon credits

  • by JW

Not just planting new trees – but protecting existing forests.


The Kegilia Africana – also known as the “Sausage Tree”. It is sacred to many African communities and has a wide variety of uses in traditional and Western medicine, including commercially available skin lotions.

If we are to go carbon neutral, we’re going to have to do quite a lot:

As looked at over the last months on these news pages:

Devon going carbon neutral

Get Net-Zero Done


It’s a tricky thing to work out – especially during difficult these times:

Carbon emissions are really tricky to measure precisely


Perhaps we need to turn to nature after all.

As nature can restore:

Natural capital: our natural resources


The latest edition of Radio 4’s In Business went to Zimbabwe last November to look at a scheme:


Could carbon offsetting save the world’s forests?

Honey bees, cow dung and mulch – the company in Zimbabwe that is protecting the forests in order to offset carbon emissions.

As Charlotte Ashton wrestles with ‘flight shame’, she wants to find out where her money goes if she chooses to offset her flight.

She lives in Zimbabwe, but is from the UK and doesn’t have the money or time to spend three weeks at sea, sailing home to visit relatives.

She focuses on a company based in Zimbabwe that runs one of the largest projects of its kind in the world and discovers how carbon credits work.

Carbon Green Africa’s project focuses on protecting existing forests, rather than planting new trees and her journey takes her to some surprising places.

In a programme recorded last November, Charlotte finds that preventing deforestation not only helps her offset her carbon emissions, but helps give people in a remote part of Zimbabwe new jobs and access to international markets.

Could carbon offsetting save the world’s forests? |


This is nevertheless controversial:

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