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Day One: social solidarity in Sidmouth

  • by JW

Being supportive and positive in difficult times.

“Physical distancing and social solidarity.”


We can be really supportive of one another:

Support your local pub! Enjoy a take-away!

As indeed we are:

Volunteer spirit in Sidmouth

With local businesses offering delivery:

Shop local!


Of course, we absolutely must keep our physical distance – as this video for kids shows:

How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) |


As Patrick Cockburn of the Independent reminds us, yes, we need to keep our physical distance, but:

“The government keeps talking about ‘social distancing’ while what we should be advocating is ‘physical distancing and social solidarity’:”

Society can come together to deal with coronavirus but we need help |


So yes, we can be supportive and positive –  and safe:



And so, on the first day of ‘lockdown’, we are being extremely supportive:

Parking restrictions relaxed during coronavirus outbreak |

Devon’s libraries are doing all they can to keep you reading |

Phone shopping and home delivery available in Sidmouth

Restrictions relaxed for National Bus Pass holders in Sidmouth |


And we are being very positive and creative too:

Seaton gallery to stage online tour of Alan Cotton exhibition |

Coronavirus: International hockey now ‘free to watch’ at home |

Ottery Spanish tutor offering FREE online classes for people in isolation |


See the Sidmouth Community Facebook pages for more support:

Sidmouth Community