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Devon aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

  • by JW

Councils are getting serious about climate change:

A councillor’s workbook on acting on climate change

From climate declaration to climate action plan: a guide for councils


Although how much they can really affect is open to question:

Climate change > councils ‘lack the power and funds to take effective action’

Councils need more power and funding to meet national climate targets


However, some feel they could do more:

District Council report on climate change ‘lacks ambition’


And in other parts of Devon, they are doing more:

Mid Devon declares climate emergency > going carbon-free by 2030


It is the County Council that is the lead authority on this issue:

Devon takes action over climate emergency


And today, Radio Exe reports on a further push:


County council aim for 2030 carbon neutrality

Devon County Council has set a target date of 2030 for it to achieve carbon neutrality.

Last Thursday’s full council meeting saw councillors unanimously back a motion put forward by Cllr Jacqi Hodgson calling for the date to be reconsidered.

The council had previously set a 2050 target date to become carbon neutral, but the councillor had called for this to be revised down to 2025.

The ruling cabinet though suggested that 2030 was the date they aim to be carbon neutral by and that through its role in the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group, encourage the Net-Zero Task Force to be ambitious in its drafting of the Devon Carbon Plan.

County council aim for 2030 carbon neutrality


But we need to go beyond declarations:

So you’ve declared a Climate Emergency, now what? Event @ Exeter Uni