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Farming and public goods

  • by JW

Identifying and measuring public goods from pasture-fed livestock


How do you measure the value of natural resources such as oxygen or water or soil?

Natural capital: our natural resources


In particular, how do you measure the value of different types of land use?

Sheep farming in Cumbria

Hurray for cows

UK agricultural methane is not contributing to global warming


Here is a new piece of research:


Pasture-fed farming and public goods

Have you ever wondered about all the things that your land delivers and whether there may be any way of measuring it? Not so long ago Michael Gove, as Environment Secretary, talked a lot about the historic opportunity provided by Brexit for ensuring that any funding for farming (which may replace the funding under CAP), rewards the delivery of public goods from land and not just food production. But if this is going to be possible, we need to find ways of identifying and measuring them.

The rather lengthily titled ‘Sustainable economic and ecological grazing systems – learning from innovative practitioners’ (SEEGSLIP) project has been using a ‘Public Goods Tool (PG Tool)’ developed by the Organic Research Centre (ORC) for Defra to do just that. The project is working with Pasture-Fed Livestock (PFL) farmers to evidence their practices, and providing wider evidence of the delivery of Public Goods is a key part of the research…

In summer 2018, myself and my colleague, Markus Wagner from UKCEH visited 56 farms across Great Britain to carry out some fieldwork and to meet with farmers to go through the PG Tool…

Pasture-fed farming and public goods |

picture: Mount Pleasant Granary