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Flying to Glasgow… flying from Exeter

  • by J.W.

Avoiding the issues around flying…


There are a lot of reasons not to take the plane to Glasgow next week:

Why Taking The Train Costs More Than Flying Despite Emissions | Time

COP26: A climate summit in a pandemic offers much that could go wrong – The Washington Post

So, perhaps giving the air industry a break at this moment might not seem to be sending out the right sort of signal:

Rishi Sunak cuts taxes on domestic flights days before start of climate conference | The Independent

Rishi Sunak defends halving domestic flight taxes in Cop26 run-up | Autumn budget 2021 | The Guardian

But this measure seems to have happened largely due to lobbying from East Devon:

Chancellor, help regional airports like Exeter and Aberdeen take off again | The Times

But does it really make sense?

“Britain should think along the same lines as German and French transport planners who are aiming to drive a shift from domestic flights to rail”

“Will the daily commute … still be needed now that Covid has taught us all to video conference?”

Travelling by air or rail from Exeter – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And many are rethinking flying:

Questions around the climate impact of the proposed expansion of Bristol Airport.

Rethinking flying – Vision Group for Sidmouth