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How fresh is your supermarket fish?

  • by JW

Last night BBC Two’s Horizon had a look at our food:


The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in Our Food?

For every pound we spend on food shopping, 77p goes to the supermarkets, giving them a huge influence over what we eat. But can we trust the supermarkets to tell us the truth about what we are buying and how it was produced? Or do their profits come first?

In an experiment to discover the hidden truths about our everyday foods, Horizon has built the first ever truly ‘honest supermarket’. Drawing on the latest scientific research and leading experts from across the UK, the team have built a supermarket where the products are labelled with the real story of how they are produced and their effect on us and the environment. We invite the British public to come in and discover the truth about their favourite foods. And in our on-site lab, new scientific discoveries reveal the food facts the supermarkets aren’t telling you.

Presented by Dr Hannah Fry and dietician Priya Tew, The Honest Supermarket takes a cold hard look at what’s really going on with the food we eat. From new research that reveals you’re likely to be ingesting plastic particles along with your bottled water to the lab tests that uncover the disturbing truth about just how old your ‘fresh’ supermarket fish really is…

You’ll never look at the food on your supermarket shelves in the same way again.

The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in Our Food?


So, how fresh is our supermarket fish?

Fish in supermarket: Wikimedia Commons


There has been quite a lot of comment, for example from the Independent today:

BBC test into supermarkets has found that the “fresh” fish on sale may be up to 20 days old and nearly a third may even be off. During Monday night’s episode of the BBC2 documentary The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in our Food, dietician Priya Tew and fish scientist Richard Chivers tested ten cod fillets from five different supermarkets in the UK.