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How to prevent and protect homes against flooding

  • by JW

Research and practical tips about flooding and the property market [AVRillo Conveyancing]


The south of England is facing huge amounts of rain – with heavy rain and flooding across England, landslips, roads flooded and warnings in place in Devon and some flash flooding in East Devon.

There is the bigger picture and the more immediate need to act. On the one hand there are the issues around climate change and flooding in East Devon –  but on the other, there are realistic nature-based solutions to flooding and resilient responses to reverse the effects of urban flooding.

For homeowners, rather than policy-makers, the AVRillo Conveyancing firm has put together research and practical tips “About Flooding & the UK Property Market” – with some highlights here:

One in six UK buildings are at risk of flooding – that’s equivalent to up to 236,000 buildings or roughly 15% of the national total.

The guide covers: 

  • In-depth statistics on the impact of flooding on UK real estate
  • Tips on protecting your home from flooding 
  • Advice on recovering from flooding
  • Useful resource links on flooding in the UK, including recovery and community support

The research has uncovered that:

  • 67% of homeowners are scared of the impact of climate change; however, 23% have not checked to see if they lived in a high-risk flood area
  • Although 57% of SMEs believe climate change will have an impact on their business in the next ten years, only 38% have a dedicated flood insurance plan in place, and only 18% have carried out flood prevention measures.
  • The UK risks losing a total of 167 million homes in 20 years because of climate change.