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Last Hustings information

  • by MWT

You may remember that there were many questions we did not have time to put to the candidates but which we promised would be asked.

All questions submitted, whether at the door or online, were put to the candidates in one way or another except those about Party policies which can be found by other means. We also decided not to ask those questions which were an attack on one or other of the candidates as we wanted to try to keep things positive. Where there were several questions on a particular topic they were amalgamated and rephrased to try to encapsulate the main concerns.

The final list of supplementary questions were put to the candidates, twice, by email. While appreciating that the candidates will be very busy we thought that they deserved a chance to respond.

Vanessa Coxon (Independent) replied ‘As you can imagine there is a lot for me to do, and I am not supported by a team as the party guys are. I will do my best to answer some if not all of them and forward them to you.‘ But we have heard nothing further. If she does send any they will be added here.

Simon Jupp (Conservative) supplied a link to his website where his plan answers some of the questions.

Paul Quickenden (Reform) attempted answers to all of them.

We heard nothing from Hazel Exon (Party of Women), Jake Bonetta (Labour), or Richard Foord (Lib Dem).
Perhaps Hazel was disturbed after Richard Foord’s unwarranted personal rudeness to her and Richard was embarrassed by the same, so that neither of them wanted to do anything but forget the occasion?

These are the questions the candidates were asked and you can see Paul’s answers below them.

Reminder: The Vision Group for Sidmouth is a non-political organisation; and we strive to be impartial and factual in supplying information to stimulate informed debate.