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Important day for Glen Goyle

  • by MWT

Tomorrow, Thurs 11th July, FOGG (Friends of Glen Goyle) members will be lined up to meet the RHS judges for Britain in Bloom and hoping for another award.

Last year they won a It’s your Neighbourhood award with their work being judged as ‘Outstanding’. They have continued to work hard this year and you can see pictures of how much things have improved on the website

Sidmouth in Bloom led by Lynette Talbot, will be hosting the judges and showing them round the town; the group will also include members of EDDC Parks and Gardens department.

Sidmouth has a long history of doing well in the Britain in Bloom competitions and we hope that the VGS can contribute to further success through our FOGG daughter group, and also perhaps in future years through Cherishing Sidmouth Cemetery, another daughter group.

We’ll be sure to let you know the results of the judging!