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Looking after our butterflies

  • by JW

This year’s State of Nature report is startling:

Extinction Britain: State of Nature report 2019


The latest newsletter from Butterfly Conservation shows how a very sensitive part of our natural world has been affected:


State of Nature 2019: UK’s butterflies and moths amongst the hardest hit

Butterflies and moths have been particularly hard hit with numbers of butterflies down by 17% and moths down by 25%. The numbers of species, such as the High Brown Fritillary and Grayling, that require more specialised habitats have declined by more than three quarters.

High brown fritillary – Wikipedia

The need to protect and conserve these beautiful creatures and their important habitats continues to be of the highest priority for all of us at Butterfly Conservation

Daniel Hayhow, lead author on the report, said: “We know more about the UK’s wildlife than any other country on the planet, and what it is telling us should make us sit up and listen. We need to respond more urgently across the board if we are to put nature back where it belongs. Governments, conservation groups and individuals must continue to work together to help restore our land and sea for wildlife and people in a way that is both ambitious and inspiring for future generations”

No let-up in net loss of UK’s nature