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National Hedgerow Week: 29 May – 6 June

  • by JW

… planting… webinars… photo competition… social media campaign… lots of tips… free guide…


It’s spring and our hedgerows are exploding – and a new project is underway:

Hedgelink is a partnership that brings together everyone interested in hedgerows, to share knowledge and ideas, to encourage and inspire, and to work with farmers and other land managers to conserve and enhance our hedgerow heritage. 

Hedgelink – Working together for the UK’s hedgerows

The project has government backing:

This project is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. 

National Hedgerow Week 2021 – Open up to hedgerows this summer.

And it’s all starting this weekend:

NationalHedgerowWeek – Twitter Search / Twitter

The inaugural National Hedgerow Week launches on 29th May 2021 to highlight the immense contribution these unsung heroes of the natural world make in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss and to raise awareness of the threats they face.

Activities will include

  • The launch of the UK’s first All Natural Hedgefunds available to help people plant hedgerows
  • HedgeTalks- a webinar series helping the public get the most out of their hedges
  • Talk To The Hedge photo competition
  • #talktothehedge – a social media campaign to share your love of hedges
  • A microsite packed full of helpful tips and growing information- 

National Hedgerow Week | Landscape Institute

With all sorts going on:

NationalHedgerowWeek – Twitter Search / Twitter

And more here:

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