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“Raw sewage is being pumped into our waters and it’s an ongoing problem.”

  • by JW

“Water companies’ dirty secrets exposed”


Our river and coastal waters are not doing very well, as recently reported:

EA report: in the South West, only one in every five rivers support a healthy ecology – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Coronavirus in untreated sewage “can remain infectious” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With the likes of George Monbiot travelling to the River Wye – and making excoriating documentaries:

Britain’s rivers are suffocating to death | George Monbiot | The Guardian

Although the Environment Agency has been promised more powers:

Promise of cleaner rivers with more farm inspectors | News | The Times (paywall)


Surfers are not particularly enamoured of the current situation, as the latest newsletter from SAS shows:


Surfers Against Sewage

Creating ocean activists everywhere.



Water companies? Wat’er load of 💩

There’s no place else to start, is there? Let’s recap the past fortnight in the murky world of UK water quality:

20 July – Hugo, our chief exec, swimming on a hot, bright, cloudless day, with no recent rainfall, finds himself in the middle of a sewage slick at Cligga Head, in north Cornwall. 💩 🤢 😡

South West Water’s response? They said it didn’t happen.

We don’t believe them, do you? Watch Hugo’s videoget angry and join our fight to #EndSewagePollution for good.

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By now, you must know that our free Safer Seas & Rivers Service app lets you check for water quality alerts. But do you also know the app gives you the power to email your MP and water company boss directly and call them out on pollution? 📢 ✊

Make a big splash. Download now.

Surfers Against Sewage | Environmental charity tackling plastic pollution


Here is their report from 2020: