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The Sidmouth Repair Café is “keeping a close eye on the government guidelines and will be back in action once we can do that safely – and continue our ‘fixing alongside visitors’ ethos”:

Sidmouth Repair Cafe | Facebook


Meanwhile, the support groups are also rolling into action.

The Community Action Groups Devon “provides insurance, guidance, and training for community groups” – including the network of repair cafés in the county:

Our Groups – CAG Devon


Then there is the Restart Project, which “helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place”:

The Restart Project – The Right to Repair and Reuse Your Electronics


Here’s their latest newsletter, with a lot of interesting stuff around what’s happening of late:


The Restart Project

With your financial support, since February, our Laptop Repair Team of 13 volunteers successfully repaired 43 laptops for London partners Catbytes, Mer-IT, and Ready Tech Go to give to people in need. The most common repairs were keyboard replacements and new batteries. These machines are now helping families and vulnerable people across the city stay connected and learn.

We granted on the remainder of your donations so these grassroots organisations can carry on this essential work. We estimate they can refurbish and repair a further 120 laptops with these funds.

The crisis of lack of digital access continues, as families are forced to self isolate as Covid cases increase.

Big thanks to those who supported this work and our amazing volunteers.

Repair events cautiously resuming

In some places, community repair is cautiously re-emerging. We’re welcoming back the public and our volunteers, who we’ve missed so much. If you need help with repair, please pre-book at an event near you. Volunteers and participants please be prepared for ongoing safety measures.

Participate from home – all invited

If you’re still laying low and would like to help from the comfort of your home, you can help us in three ways:

  1. Dive into our vast repair data with us on 31st July at 2:00pm UK time – no experience required, and it will be fun. Simply reply to RSVP
  2. Take our Podcast survey if you’ve ever listened
  3. Sign our Petition for the Right to Repair if you live in the UK

And have you heard companies making lots of claims about the green credentials of their products? Ever wonder about the real environmental impact of electronics? At the end of August, we’re hosting a workshop where we’ll explore this. No expertise required!

In the meantime, happy repairing!

– James and the whole Restart Project team

Upcoming Events

While many community repair groups are still unable to run in-person events, some are now resuming.

See all upcoming events

Need repair advice?

Ask the community for repair help by tagging @restartproject on Twitter or Instagram or by posting in our forum. Repairers from across the network are on hand to offer advice and support.

Help make the case for replaceable batteries

A dead battery shouldn’t mean a dead device. We’re building a case for why batteries should be easy to replace to keep our devices going for longer.

Join our new quest to help us learn what went wrong with the batteries in 1000 devices seen at repair events.

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With more news here:

The Restart Project Blog – The Restart Project

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