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Restricting freedom of movement in/to Devon

  • by JW

“Do not come – how dare you put yourself before the lives of others.”


How are we going to move onto the ‘next stage’ in combatting the Coronavirus?


It might mean bringing in Big Brother, as explored recently in these news pages:

“Are we willing to trade public health for greater surveillance and intrusion into our private lives?”

Looking to the model for beating the coronavirus

And as being covered by the wider media:

The US is tracking people’s movements with phone data, and it’s part of a massive increase in global surveillance |


But limiting the free movement of people to some extent is clearly one way to control the spread of the disease:


In Paris, they are being very strict:

Coronavirus: Police setting up road blocks on streets to enforce social isolation |

Because those outside Paris do not appreciate the incomers:

Paris coronavirus exodus gets under the nose of rural French |


Meanwhile, there are reports that the UK government could have made use of environmental health workers in local government who “have wide experience in contact tracing, a process used to prevent infections spreading and routinely carried out in outbreaks such as of norovirus, salmonella or legionnaires’ disease:”

UK missed coronavirus contact tracing opportunity, experts say |


While with the Easter weekend approaching, Devon police will actually be stopping people coming into the county.


Coronavirus: Police chief warning on Easter clampdown

Devon and Cornwall’s police chief has warned of tougher measures over Easter bank holiday weekend by police enforcing the coronavirus movement restrictions.

Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer told BBC Radio Devon that a “wilful few” had ignored government advice on social distancing over the weekend. It followed reports of crowds enjoying the weekend sunshine in Torbay but not social distancing. Mr Sawyer said: “I fear we may have to look at more robust enforcement next weekend. The line has been drawn.”


Devon and Cornwall is CLOSED to tourists this Easter

It’s going to be an Easter like none of us has ever seen before – but when Devon and Cornwall reopens our region will be ready to welcome the world once more

For the first time in history the tourist honeypots of Devon and Cornwall are doing their best to stop visitors, second home owners and daytrippers from flooding the South West over the Easter weekend.

Tourism bosses, emergency service leaders and public figures from across the two counties have spoken with one voice and the message is strong and clear: “Do not come – how dare you put yourself before the lives of others.”

The stark message despite the loss of millions in tourist revenue is that the beaches and beautiful scenery will still be here after the pandemic – but some of our loved ones may not.

It comes after CornwallLive, DevonLive and PlymouthLive launched the #comebacklater campaign calling for people not to travel to the two counties until it is safe to do so. Our campaign has already won the backing of MPs, tourism bodies and Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Devon and Cornwall is CLOSED to tourists this Easter |

A message to the rest of the UK: Please #ComeBackLater to Devon and Cornwall as we fight the coronavirus outbreak |