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Rural bus services do not provide a ‘satisfactory alternative’

  • by JW

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From the Rural Services Network:


Researchers have found that British passengers have access to a poorer bus service compared with our European neighbours, as reported by the Mirror.

The study, by the Foundation for Integrated Transport, compared bus services in Shropshire with comparable areas in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The study found that rural bus services do not provide a ‘satisfactory alternative’ to owning a car.

Overall, commuters in Britain have far fewer routes connecting towns and villages, and poorer connections to train services than those on the continent.

The report’s author, Professor John Whitelegg, said: ‘Rural residents in Shropshire and in every other English shire deserve a much better bus service than the one currently on offer, and the time is now to embark on the upgrade. Currently in Shropshire, buses are a low priority for the council and subject to large budget cuts. We can do so much better.’

Full article:

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