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Sailing from Plymouth to the Climate Action summit in New York

  • by JW

There isn’t much ‘climate action’ going on at the moment:

Fail:Greta Thunberg at the front banner of the FridaysForFuture demonstration Berlin 29-03-2019 09.jpg

Greta Thunberg at the front banner of the FridaysForFuture …


These will continue after school goes back:

Climate strikes


Nevertheless, things are happening here in Devon, as yesterday, climate activists left for New York:


Crowds cheer Greta Thunberg as she sails out of Plymouth

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg set sail from Plymouth this afternoon to cheers from crowds at Devil’s Point, at the entrance to Plymouth Sound.

She is travelling on the high-tech, eco-friendly racing yacht Malizia II to New York, where she will address the UN Climate Action summit in September.

The offer to sail on Malizia came after she said she wanted to get to New York without using planes or cruise ships which emit greenhouse gases.

Millions of people across the world will be following the fortunes of the Swede who has shaken up the climate change movement on the two-week Atlantic crossing.

Mayflower Marina in Plymouth was packed with journalists and television crews from around the world, witnessing her departure.

Greta, 16, is taking a sabbatical year from school. She set sail with skipper Boris Herrmann, Pierre Casiraghi, a member of the Monaco royal family, and a Swedish documentary maker, Nathan Grossman. She is also joined by here father, Svante.

Crowds cheer Greta Thunberg as she sails out of Plymouth – Plymouth Live

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Meanwhile, someone has wished her bon voyage:

Tycoon tweets about ‘freak yachting accident’ after Greta Thunberg sails from Plymouth – Cornwall Live


This part of Devon has certainly caught the world’s imagination:

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