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Protecting the Sidford/Sidbury gap

  • by JW

The Herald is helping to promote the Neighbourhood Plan:

Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan to go to referendum > 19th September > use your vote!


And it’s putting together regular pieces on what it means, including:


Neighbourhood plan places ‘great importance’ on protecting Sidford and Sidbury gap

The visual and physical separation of the villages is among the proposals outlined in the valley’s emerging neighbourhood plan document.

The Herald will be taking each section of the plan and breaking down the policies and their proposed impact on the Sid Valley community ahead of a referendum on September 19. If adopted, the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan will act as a blueprint for future developments in the area until 2032.

Under policy three, called the settlement coalescence, any development proposal that affects the non-coalescence gap, which is the area of unbuilt land between Sidford and Sidbury. If adopted the plan said it will only be acceptable to develop the area if it does not impact on the visual and physical separation of the villages.

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan steering group said during public consultation, the public placed ‘great importance’ on maintaining an undeveloped gap between the villages.

The plan said: “This area is not developed and it is important that this vulnerable gap remains open to maintain the separation between the two settlements.”

The plan outlines eight environmental aims including protecting the Sid Valley’s picturesque landscape, addressing climate change and ensuring local distinctiveness. Further policies address protecting key views and green spaces, preventing light pollution and maintaining the valley’s tree canopy for current and future generations…


Neighbourhood plan places ‘great importance’ on protecting Sidford and Sidbury gap


Such areas within the East Devon AONB need to be protected, for example:


Buckton Hill, Sidbury, Devon

Buckton Hill, Sidbury, Devon
View of Buckton Hill, Sidbury, Devon looking north from A3052, east of Sidford

Buckton Hill, Sidbury, Devon © John Copleston cc-by-sa/2.0 …