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Small-scale, mixed woodland for Devon

  • by JW

At the end of the month, the Sidmouth Arboretum will be putting on its annual gathering:

The Arboretum presents a Celebration of Trees


One of the talks will be from the Forestry Commission – and looking after our tree canopy:

Caring for the forest | Forestry England


There are some good ideas out there – and practical ones too:


Small-scale forestry for bioenergy consumption – Important tree species for consideration

Planting areas of woodlands is a great method to increase carbon capture, supported by a number of grants and incentive schemes. Mixed tree species plantations result in improved disease and pest resistance, increased biodiversity of flora and fauna, and more resilient economic returns than monoculture plantations. There’s a wide choice of both broadleaf and conifer tree species to consider, each with a range of end-markets and specifications, producing a timber supply for biomass, paper pulp, furniture and building construction.

Louise Radley, IBERS, Aberystwyth University for Farming Connect


There is huge potential here in Devon:


Hillyfieldblog Family Wn 260318

What is going on with small woods in the UK?

April 2018

Doug and Claire King-Smith ask how come, as a country, we are failing to bring this resource into active management? And why is it that for some who are trying to actively turn this tide of neglect, the cards can be so overwhelmingly stacked against them? They are involved in a Planing Inquiry after being refused permission for a wood-drying barn and machinery store at Hillyfield Woodland Farm on Dartmoor. More here


And there is a lot of woodland in East Devon:

East Devon : Woodland © Lewis Clarke cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph …