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The Future of the Bus: reinvest in local public transport

  • by JW

Bus services are the cinderella services:

How to reverse the decline in rural bus services

Rural bus services do not provide a ‘satisfactory alternative’

‘Massively unfair’ bus fares


As reported by the RS Network:

Bus journeys fall by 300 million in five years – Rural Services Network


From a story in this week’s i newspaper:



It has been widely reported, including by the i paper, that the number of bus journeys have fallen by 300 million in five years.

Analysis of government figures by the Local Government Association (LGA) shows 4.3 billion journeys were made in 2018 – 19, compared with 4.6 billion in 2014 -15. The LGA believes giving councils oversight of local bus services would enable them to maintain and improve them, as well as protect routes so older and vulnerable people ‘don’t get left behind’.

Earlier this year, it warned that nearly half of routes are at risk of being scrapped due to a lack of funding. It said that councils are filling a £652m gap in government funding for the free bus pass scheme. LGA transport spokesman David Renard said: ‘Councils want to protect local bus services, which are a vital service and can be a lifeline for our most vulnerable residents, whether that is to go shopping, collect medication, attend doctor appointments or socialise with friends.

The continuing decline in bus journeys emphasises the need to protect bus services and for councils to be able to invest in funding subsidised routes.’

Bus journeys fall by 300 million in five years – Rural Services Network


As reported by the Mirror, a campaign is underway to demonstrate the real relevance of buses:



Drivers should get free bus passes if they agree to take a car off the road, campaigners say.

The Campaign for Better Transport says the idea could reverse the trend of declining bus use and help take polluting diesel and petrol cars off our streets.

The idea comes in a “manifesto” – The Future of the Bus – which has gone to the government as part of a national strategy to re-invest in Britain’s most popular form of public transport.

Bus services provide the “backbone” of the local public transport network, but savage cuts are leading to a reduction in bus use and services have shrunk every year for a decade…

Give up your car and get free bus pass, transport campaigners say


Here’s the campaign:

The future of the bus