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Town Council elections – candidate profile: Nick Diprose

  • by JW

Personal statements from all those standing on Thursday 6th May


The VGS has put together profiles of all the candidates for the upcoming local elections this week:

Town Council elections – candidates – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Link to the Sidmouth Town Council website

The candidates have been approached and asked to provide their own personal statements.

The VGS shall be publishing these as of today.


Sidmouth (South)

Nick Diprose


Unfortunately, we have just heard that Mr Diprose has been unexpectedly indisposed so will not be able to provide a personal statement.


Nevertheless. here is his profile from when he stood for the Town Council in 2019:


Nick has lived in Sidmouth for three decades and feels qualified to represent Sidmouth at both town and district level. Nick will do his best to listen to all representations without favour, and to respond with the necessary vigour, whilst acting with dignity and empathy. Nick comes from a strong trade union background, specialising in occupational safety and health, teaching health & safety at work to reps over the South West and at City College Plymouth.

Futures Forum: Sidmouth Town and District council elections > HUSTINGS event > Tuesday 30th April > candidates’ manifestos


And here is a much earlier profile from when he stood for the Town Council in 2013:


“I am a qualified occupational safety & health specialist, presently studying for a BA Hons at Oxford.

“Having spent most of my working life involved in the performing arts, both as an actor and director, (also in my fourteenth year serving on the National Executive Committee of Equity), I have a keen interest in ensuring the survival of the Manor Pavilion as an important hub of the community.

“I have also supported Sidmouth Folk Festival for over a decade.

“Having lived in Sidmouth for 23 years, I am acutely aware that a realistic and workable solution to the ‘car parking problem’ needs to be found (and funded), that is acceptable to both visitors and residents alike; for both are equally important to the long-term success of the town.

“I am a Sid Vale Association member, but I fully appreciate that the town must look and move forward in order to survive.”

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