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Vertical farming: growing food sustainably

  • by JW

“Combining new and existing technology to grow food that tastes better, lasts longer and reduces the environmental impact of getting healthy food onto people’s plates.” [GrowUp Farms]


We can grow our food in our towns and cities: Urban farming – Vision Group for Sidmouth

As is happening in Sidmouth: Sidmouth Community Food Forest | Facebook

And due to lack of space, we can go up: Vertical gardens and green facades – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There’s growing interest in vertical farming: Growth Advancements Of Vertical Farming Market 2023 Business Outlook, Critical Insight and To Witness Substantial Growth | Opportunities, Regional Overview, Business Strategies and Industry Size Forecast to 2030 | Signify Holding (PHILIPS), Aerofarms, Sky Greens, IGS limited

It’s pretty hi-tech – and it’s pretty good to see women leading the way:

Women founders have been particularly strong in fintech start-ups and impact businesses – startups focused on using technology to solve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Kate Hofman, co-founder and chief brand officer at GrowUp Farms says the progress made so far in supporting women entrepreneurs and founders is great to see but there is more to do to make it a level playing field. Women led start-up funding peaks in 2022 – Investment Monitor

This is GrowUp:

  • we solve problems in food production by growing food better, in perfect conditions
  • we use knowledge and science to grow the right plants, in the right place, in the right way
  • we’ve been leading the vertical farming revolution since 2013

home – Grow Up Farms

And as a keen Sidmouth observer notes, “They have just opened their 4th farm”:


Ten years ago, we started to get excited about the idea of combining new and existing technology to grow food that tasted better, lasted longer and reduced the environmental impact of getting healthy food onto people’s plates.

We’re unique because we’ve cracked the biggest challenge in vertical farming – energy. Our big breakthrough at GrowUp Farms is breaking the reliance on electricity. We use renewable heating and cooling for most of our energy requirements, which means we use far less electricity and our bills are lower.

We’re growers and, like anyone who produces food, we use technology, innovation and strategy to produce the best food we can. We may be growing vertically, and indoors, but we’re a part of the great British farming tradition, creating a more resilient and sustainable food system.

From the little gem of an idea nine years ago, we’re now investing more than £100m to build our fourth farm, in Sandwich in Kent. The investment has been led by Generate Capital, a US Public Benefit Corporation that invests in sustainable agricultural infrastructure and shares our commitment to transforming the systems that we need to build a world where we can live within the limits of our planet.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our future is more farms, more crops, and more impact.

our story – Grow Up Farms

And here’s Kate Hoffman again:

GrowUp: Our Story – YouTube