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Winter Shopping Special: cheaper parking to help the High Street

  • by JW

It’s not a good idea to put up car parking charges for town centres at the moment:

Raising car parking charges: “Given the current state of the high street, this is not the time to put up prices.”

Raising car parking charges – and threatening the viability of small businesses


In fact, to help town centres at the moment, charges could be brought down:

Reduced winter car parking charges start 1st November >>>> do your Christmas shopping in your local East Devon towns


As reported by Sidmouth Nub news:


Christmas shoppers visiting Sidmouth can park all day at any East Devon District Council run car park for just £2 this winter.

Park for just £2 a day at any East Devon District Council car park


With more information on the District Council’s website:

Car park offers


If we want to reduce traffic volumes and car emissions, we need to do something different, though:

Raising car parking charges is about raising revenue – not about reducing emissions

Sidmouth Park-and-Ride not in the plans

What would Zero Carbon Exeter Look Like?