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Working Together for a Greener Community

  • by JW

“Letting Local Business Know You Care” [Tina Martin]


The independent blogger Tina Martin of Ideaspired has contributed several excellent guest pieces for the VGS over the last year…

She has written on transitioning to a better future and the practical steps to get there: A brief guide to finding a fresh start – Sidmouth Solarpunk

On how building a green business can be “an excellent way to pursue your passion for entrepreneurship while supporting the environment”: Sustainability is the future of business! – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And on how we can offer practical steps to help those less fortunate than ourselves, even in these difficult times: 11 ways to help community members from near or far – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Tina’s posts are both inspiring and practical – and span advice from business to lifestyle, with many genuinely fresh and innovative approaches suggested.

Here she is with her latest – which brings many of these elements together, together with the usual interesting take and lots of useful links for more:

Working Together for a Greener Community

Green communities are ones that implement environmentally friendly practices to meet the needs of their citizens and the planet in general. Those are communities that work to protect future generations from pollution while reducing their carbon footprint. Here are some tips from Vision Group for Sidmouth for working toward your own greener community.

Start at Home

Of course, the best place to begin is at home. Switch to all LED bulbs, eat less meat, use fewer paper towels, and recycle. Invest in solar panels for your home’s energy and purchase smart thermostats.

When it comes to keeping your home clean, skip store-bought cleaners with harsh chemicals. Instead, opt to make your own DIY natural cleaners at home. Using vinegar or lemon juice, for example, can keep your home clean without putting potentially harmful chemicals into the environment.

DIY Gardening points out that your lawn can be more environmentally friendly by replacing grass with groundcover plants. They provide an alternative to turf but eliminate the need for mowing and still deliver that traditional verdant green.

It sometimes takes a great deal of pressure or activism to get a lot of the policies you’d like to see in place in your own community as they relate to being a more environmentally friendly one. You can successfully advocate for making your own community greener and more sustainable in several ways.

One way is by starting an environmental group and advocating for green building policies. Social media has made this quite doable. It’s easy to start a community awareness FB group to find like-minded people in your area. You can create a group and connect it to your page to help build a community with your fans and supporters. Creating your own group is an opportunity for your group to connect even more around your brand and your content when every member shares the community page onto their own personal page.

Look for Funding

Daikin is a wonderful hub for information about grants and funding for green communities, as well as ideas for you to share with your local business leaders and elected officials. There are various programs available, from regional initiatives to specific areas like lowering carbon emissions to projects protecting wetlands.

Letting Local Business Know You Care

You and your group can take an active role in your local business community by attending business events or coordinating an event yourself. Businesses need to be aware that consumers will continue to embrace more sustainable practices as long as companies make sustainable choices more affordable and accessible. Let your local business owners know that you expect them to set an example for how to be responsible stewards of the earth’s resources.

This will only work, of course, if they are rewarded with increased sales of their sustainable produced and sourced products. These are generally higher to produce and those costs are passed on to you, the consumer. By showing you’re willing to pay more for those products, they will, in turn, be incentivized to sell more environmentally friendly products.

Some steps you can encourage your local businesses to take don’t have to be difficult. One step that doesn’t require a big investment in time or money is a policy to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Another easy step that may involve increased cost is using eco-friendly products in their business.

Encouraging your local businesses to substitute wasteful products that harm the environment with these sustainable substitutes can go a long way toward reducing your community’s carbon footprint. Earth-friendly products range from bamboo tissue and reusable straws to chemical-free wipes, multi-surface towels, and plant plates.

Computerworld notes that digital communication and file storing and sharing is a great option for companies that want to cut down on paper use. They save money, reduce environmental impact and provide more value to their clients. And as a bonus, those companies can also use digital communication as a way to improve customer experience and make their businesses more efficient.

Start a Green Business

Starting a green business is not only a smart financial decision, but it’s also an excellent way to make a positive impact on the environment. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are plenty of green business ideas available online. From eco-friendly fashion to sustainable food production, the options are endless.

By starting your own green business, you have the opportunity to build a brand that aligns with your values and contributes to a more sustainable future. Not only will you be making a difference in the world, but you’ll also be joining a growing community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a greener planet.

Keeping the Community Safe

Visibility is essential for both drivers and pedestrians entering and leaving a business, with canopy lighting being especially important. Brightly lit areas afford a higher level of safety since people can more easily see where they’re going, and the risk of crime is much lower, as well. Businesses can opt for lighting that achieves maximum area coverage with light sources that encourage energy efficiency and savings.

Do Your Part for the Earth

It’s important for all of us to do our best at home to reduce our carbon footprint for the generations that come after us. And by advocating for your community to invest in things like energy-saving safety lighting and encouraging local businesses to adopt more environmentally sound practices, we can make an impact far into the future.

Vision Group for Sidmouth is committed to making sustainable changes in our community. Visit us online to learn more and get involved.

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