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A boom in small start up businesses in Devon

  • by JW

One of the key elements of the Neighbourhood Plan is economic resilience:

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan – supporting an entrepreneurial culture


Because more people are moving to the Sid Valley – and not just retirees – and they will need good internet access for home-based businesses:

Problems around rural broadband continue…


However, connectivity it not bad in these parts – and is one aspect of life which is attracting people to this part of the world – as outlined by Devon Live this weekend:


11 important things you discover when you move to Devon

We all know Devon is God’s country so it’s no surprise that people from around the UK – and the world – want to come here for a slice of heaven.

Last year more people moved to Devon from London (5,470 to be exact) than the other way round (4,670).

And with many businesses relying more on technology to stay connected rather than a proximity to the capital, it might be something we see more of over the coming years.

However, as with any change in life, those moving to Devon will have a few things to get used to.

Here’s our short (and light-hearted) guide to the important things you’ll discover when moving to the county…

1. The pace of life is slooooooow…

It’s a cliché to say it, but so many people come here for the relaxed lifestyle on offer.

There’s no crowded underground with people elbows digging in left, right and centre, no corporate rat race and people in general just go about their lives in a calmer nature.

There has been a boom in small start up businesses in Devon, with many people opting to work from cafes and bars in seaside towns for exactly this reason…

11 important things you discover when you move to Devon


And Sidmouth has got a great place for small businesses to work from:

The Lighthouse: Sidmouth’s business hub



The Lighthouse Sidmouth – Sidmouth’s Co-Working Space

The Lighthouse Sidmouth – Home | Facebook