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A guide to remote and hybrid working – part two

  • by J.W.

“Encouraging responsible screen-time”

“A guide to remote job searching”


Following fast on from last week’s posting: A guide to remote and hybrid working – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The whole WFH phenomenon seems to be taking off in the UK: Lockdowns are over. WFH isn’t. Why? | and Survey: 75% London Employees Willing To Quit Rather Than Giving Up WFH and UK staff issue ultimatum to employers – ‘pay us more or let us WFH’ | Compensation, Benefits & Reward | HR Grapevine | News and More than 30% of work was done remotely in January as employees refuse to return to the office  | Daily Mail Online

And in the meantime, in this part of the UK, the economy seems to be taking off: South West to be UK’s third-fastest growing region, EY report finds – Business Live

One response has been the growth of ‘work hubs’ in Devon: Claire focuses on community at local Work Hub – News

Another has been ‘young professionals’ and young families moving to East Devon: Adam Sweet, a structural engineer who largely works from home, said when he arrived in the town in 2016 he knew of only one family with young children in his neighbourhood. “Since then, there’s 10 or 20 families in our area who’ve all moved in. Working from home – working from the seaside – Vision Group for Sidmouth

In order to work our way through the world of WFH, here are a couple of practical guides: Encouraging Responsible Screen Time & Communications – JAM and A Guide To Remote Job Searching & Onboarding – s1jobs